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Meet Trish Kimble

Hi, I'm Trish

Founder / CEO

A heart-centered solopreneur who stands as a beacon of resilience, adaptability, and a deep commitment to creating a positive impact. As the founder of Blank Slate Enterprises and the Invincible VA, I stepped into a new chapter during my 'golden years,' tapping into my over 40 years of administrative expertise to reignite my career in the virtual assistant world.

My career has been diverse, spanning various sectors such as government at all levels, health care, debt management, financial services, and the automotive industry. I've dedicated 25 years to supporting C-Suite executives, playing a crucial role in the offices of the CAO and Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Metro Vancouver Regional District, as well as supporting Regional Directors in provincial ministries and cities.

Trish Kimble

Budgets to Basecamp: A Journey of Professional Excellence and Organizational Finesse

I have managed significant projects, prepared and monitored multi-million dollar budgets, and coordinated facility projects involving space planning, budgeting, scheduling, and working with contractors. I'm proud to hold the title of Certified Administrative Professional with a specialty in organizational management (CAP-OM) and am a Certified Virtual Assistant. My tech skills are extensive, including advanced proficiency in Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, Adobe Pro, and various software platforms like Basecamp, CoachAccountable, Dubsado, Practice, and Trello.

I'm known for my level-headed and proactive approach. Persistent, trustworthy, responsible, and meticulously organized, I give precise attention to every task, no matter its size.

My driving force is my deep desire to make a positive impact by helping others. Whether it's through training, coaching, or speaking to audiences, from corporate to community, my passion lies in helping others understand the transformative power of a positive mindset and resilience in achieving personal and business success.

Outside of my professional life, I live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, with my husband, two dogs, and four high-energy grandchildren who enrich my life. My hobbies include motorcycle adventures, travel, enjoying Canadian football and hockey, and baking. I find solace in leisurely walks, relaxing by serene lakes, and watching romantic Hallmark movies. My youthful spirit adds a vibrant touch to my multifaceted life.

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Our Mission

At Blank Slate, we are a heart-centered, collaborative team offering specialized business solutions. Our mission is to help you transform your overwhelming business tasks into a manageable 'Blank Slate', enabling you to focus on your core business priorities. We're committed to streamlining your operations, promoting growth and efficiency.

Our Values

What People Say...

Let's Start Streamlining Your Business Processes

I'm in a good hand!

" I have been an entrepreneur for over 30 years so needless to say I have not had resumes. I was referred to Trish by a friend who was thrilled with her work, so I felt in good hands from the get-go. 

She turned my jumble of a life into an impressive resume that landed the role I was looking for. Thank you, Trish!"

Julie Turner

Broadcaster and Intuitive Coach

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