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5 Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Updated: Feb 6

I am often asked WHY an entrepreneur or small business person should hire a virtual assistant. There are, of course, many reasons and benefits to consider doing so, but the top FIVE that seem to matter the most with business owners are: 

1. NO office space required

A virtual assistant works remotely from their own home and provides their own office space. Office space, particularly in large cities, is extremely expensive and limited. 

For the average company, space leasing costs are the second largest expense after payroll for employees. For example, in 2023, in downtown Vancouver, the average rent for prime office space is $51.04 per square foot, according to JLL Canada.  

The average size of an office cubicle office space is 30 to 75 square feet. If we go midway and use 45 square feet x $51.04 - almost $3000 per cubicle.

If a small company employs 10 staff, they need 450 square feet of space just for cubicles. In other words - 450 x 51.04/sq. ft. = ~$23,000 just for space.

And that doesn't take into account utilities or common areas such as break rooms, washrooms, and meeting rooms.

2. NO costly equipment or office supplies

A virtual assistant provides all their own equipment and office supplies. 

The average cost per employee for technology set up (laptop, monitor, phone, printer) can cost between $500 to $5000 per year - depending on office setup.

And office supplies can cost employers $50 to $100 per month for businesses with 10 or less employees.

3. SAVE Time

A virtual assistant takes on the tasks that are eating up your time so you can focus on building relationships with your clients. 

According to, 89% of employees waste between 30 minutes and 2 hours per workday doing non-work-related activities. That costs employers money!

CEOs can spend up to 2 hours per day in meetings or working on tasks that do not provide a return on investment. This time is better delegated to a virtual assistant, thus freeing up the CEO to focus on billable tasks.

4. FOCUS on What is Important

A virtual assistant can help by taking the chaos of your administrative tasks and making them organized so you can focus on your vision to succeed. 

If you're feeling overwhelmed or can't seem to find the end of your ToDo list, then its a sure sign you need to hire a Virtual Assistant. For more information on the telltale sign - ask for my resource - Employers Guide to VAs.


Your business matters to a virtual assistant. They will treat it as if it were their own, which translates to less stress for you and peace of mind.


Trish Kimble

Founder & CEO of Blank Slate Enterprises

Virtual Assistant Coach & Mentor


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