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Crafting Your Path to Virtual Assistant Success: The WIIFM Recipe

Updated: Feb 6

In the ever-evolving landscape of freelancing, carving out a niche as a virtual assistant is much like embarking on a culinary journey – it requires a blend of the right ingredients, passion, and a step-by-step process. The key to success? A unique recipe known as “What’s In It For Me?” (WIIFM). This guide, akin to Gramma’s cherished cookie recipe, provides a comprehensive path to success in the virtual assistant domain.

Key Ingredients for a Thriving Virtual Assistant Business

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  1. Determination (20 cups): In freelancing, challenges are inevitable. A strong dose of determination will help you navigate these hurdles with resilience.

  2. Relevant Skills (10 cups): Identify and refine skills crucial to standing out as a virtual assistant. Be it communication, project management, or technical expertise, these skills are your business’s cornerstone.

  3. Experience (2 cups): Your past experiences add depth to your service offerings. Use any relevant experience, no matter how small, to demonstrate your capabilities.

  4. Computer Proficiency (6 tablespoons): Proficiency in tools like Microsoft Office or Google Workspace is essential. Your ability to efficiently use these tools sets the foundation for effective assistance.

  5. Research (4 teaspoons): Understanding the needs, pain points, and trends of potential clients is vital. This knowledge shapes your services, making you an invaluable asset.

  6. Legal and Financial Know-How (2 teaspoons): Basic understanding of contracts, invoicing, and taxation is crucial. These elements are integral to the mechanics of freelancing.

  7. Specialized Industry Knowledge (2 tablespoons): Tailoring your skills to a specific industry makes you more attractive to clients seeking specialized expertise.

  8. Data Security and Confidentiality Measures (a dash): In today’s information-centric world, assure clients of your commitment to data security and confidentiality.

  9. Courage (a large dollop): Freelancing often requires stepping out of your comfort zone. Embrace the risks and pursue daunting opportunities with courage.

  10. Ongoing Learning and Adaptation (1/4 cup): The freelance landscape is dynamic. Commit to continuous learning and adapt to stay ahead.

  11. Self-Care and Work-Life Balance (a handful): The secret ingredient to sustainability in freelancing is balancing personal well-being with professional demands.

The WIIFM Action Plan: Mixing and Baking Your Way to Success

  1. Foundation Mix: Blend Determination, Relevant Skills, and Experience. This mix helps you understand your motivation and lays the groundwork for your business.

  2. Defining Your Niche: Combine Computer Proficiency and Research to carve out your niche and define your services.

  3. Strategic Planning: Add Legal and Financial Know-How with Industry Knowledge to develop your pricing and business approach.

  4. Building Trust: Sift in Data Security and Confidentiality Measures, along with a dash of Courage, to set your goals and assure clients of your commitment.

  5. Embracing Flexibility: Generously sprinkle in Creative Learning and Adaptability, essential for navigating the freelance world.

  6. The Intense Knead: Prepare for a rigorous journey. Balance the intensity with Self-Care and a focus on Work-Life Equilibrium.

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Start Your Virtual Assistant Journey with Confidence

Like any good recipe, modifying the amount of ingredients turns it into your own creation. Creating your WIIFM Action Plan is a proven strategy for success in the virtual assistant field. Embrace this journey with passion and let your ambition guide you.

Interested in learning more? Contact me at, and secure your spot in the next INVINCIBLE VA training course. Here’s to your success as a virtual assistant!


Trish Kimble

Founder & CEO of Blank Slate Enterprises

Virtual Assistant Coach & Mentor


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